13.Laser Dentistry

We are pleased to offer laser dental treatment which is one of the most innovative technology. This technique greatly improves accuracy and reduces both pain and recovery time. Laser dentistry is precise and effective, and can be used to perform many different dental procedures.

Laser dentistry has several benefits, including:

  • Reduced Pain: Dental lasers cause virtually no pain, so anaesthesia may not even be necessary for certain procedures.

  • No Bleeding & No Sutures: Lasers dosen’t cause bleeding, instead it aids in clotting, so most laser procedures may not require stitches.

  • Reduced Anxiety: Laser dentistry is a great alternative to the usual sharp dental instruments. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable with drills and sharp objects laser is the perfect choice.

  • Quick Recovery: Dental lasers allow wounds to heal faster and can even regenerate tissue.

  • Fewer Infections: The high-energy beam sterilizes the area, hence minimizing the risk of bacterial infection.

  • Tooth Sensitivity: Tubules, located in the tooth root are recognized as the source of tooth sensitivity, can be sealed with dental lasers.

  • Crown Lengthening: Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue and bone, exposing healthy tooth structure.

  • Gummy Smile: Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue to improve the appearance of a smile.

  • Speech Impediments: Lasers can help children with limited tongue movement by correction of tongue-tie.