9.Endodontics Restrorative

We recommend a dental filling when you have an impaired, chipped, worn down, or decayed tooth. Fillings are most commonly used to “fill” in cavities that have developed. There are different dental materials to choose from, but at Priyans dental clinic, we believe in the beauty of your smile, which is why we mostly use a tooth-coloured filling material called composite resin. This material matches the natural colour of your teeth and provides strong support for your teeth by chemically bonding to your tooth.

  • Symptoms of Tooth Decay (i.e. Cavity): Toothache, sensitivity to hot/cold foods or drinks, especially sweet, visible small hole, or pit, in your tooth, pain when biting.Cavities in their early stages may not give off any symptoms. These are often found through x-rays and regular visit to your dentist. The longer you wait on a cavity, the more your tooth will decay. This can lead to more problems that require procedures such as a root canal treatment.