1.Clear Aligner

A radiant and confident smile is one thing that everyone longs to have. But all of us are not fortunate enough to inherit such a perfect and beautiful smile. This is were clear aligners come into play by assisting the smile correction with ease and comfort.

  • Dental aligners are the latest correction method to straighten and align the teeth. They are discreet, prudent, comfortable and offer a high level of convenience by applying minimal pressure and can shift the teeth to the desired position over time.

  • As they are nearly invisible and do not draw much attention they save you of the embarrassment of wearing the braces and wires. You can confidently smile, speak and socialise without feeling self conscious.

  • As the aligners are removable, you can have all your favourite foods even during the course of the treatment without any hassles. Oral hygiene maintenance is also very simple and easy.

  • Schedule an appointment at Priyans Dental Clinic to discuss your dental issues. We are always willing to clarify your doubts scientifically and have a thorough discussion about the diagnosis and treatment options before finalising your apt treatment plan. So take the first step towards achieving the smile you always dreamt of - because a confident radiant smile is truly the most beautiful thing you can wear.